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Associated Bag Company - President Letter.

The best customer experience is here!

(From 2024)

We believe placing our customers' needs above everything else is the best way to do business. You are at the center of everything we do and our goal is to always provide the best service from start to finish. It's the Associated Bag difference.

Every customer has unique needs and we welcome all orders big and small. You might need a custom printed bag but in a small quantity. That's where our Imprint Services can help by providing customization faster and in smaller quantities than standard printing processes require. Or, you may want to place a large order, but don't have the storage space. We can help there, too! You can take advantage of our bulk pricing and the rest is on us! That's right, we will store your order for no charge! We even go beyond packaging and shipping services. Full EDI integration and compliance is available to help make ordering easier and more streamlined.

Our commitment to quality is always backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Providing the best service possible is our goal every day. For answers to your questions, information about our products and services, or custom products, please call 800-926-6100.


Herb Rubenstein


We are committed to providing unbeatable service!

(From 2023)


We back up every product with awesome customer service!

(From 2022)


Customer service is our top priority!

(From 2021)


Free samples are a big help to our customers!

(From 2020)


Our goal is a perfect fit, every time you order!

(From 2019)


Quality products with outstanding customer service, guaranteed!

(From 2018)


You'll find zipper bags and much more at Associated Bag!

(From 2017)


Flat Poly Bags are just the start of the packaging and shipping products we have to offer you!

(From 2016, Volume 1)


Catalog Pricing is back!

(From 2015, Volume 2)


Finding new ways to serve you even better...

(From 2015, Volume 1)


Save with Flex Pay Warehousing – Only from Associated Bag!

(From 2014, Volume 2)

Hundreds of exciting new products combined with a great customer service history!

(From 2014, Volume 1)


We've got more packaging, shipping, office, safety and industrial products than ever before!

(From 2013, Volume 2)


Marking 75 years of serving you, with hundreds of exciting, new products!

(From 2013, Volume 1)


365–Day Returns…every day for everyone!

(From 2012, Volume 2)


Our customers have a lot to say about Associated Bag Company!

(From 2012, Volume 1)


We wrote the book on unbeatable customer service!

(From 2011, Volume 2)


Great products, excellent service, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can always rest easy!

(From 2011, Volume 1)

There's a 100% chance of your complete satisfaction!

(From 2010, Volume 2)

Offering low prices, excellent service, and quality products to you!

(From 2010, Volume 1)

We're always looking out for our customers!

(From 2009, Volume 1)

We've mapped out a plan to get you your orders fast!

(From 2008, Volume 2)

We couldn't have done it without you!

(From 2008, Volume 1)

Count on Associated Bag for the products that keep your business rolling!

(From 2007, Volume 2)

You'll love our stellar customer service!

(From 2007, Volume 1)

We're always expanding our menu of packaging and shipping products!

(From 2006, Volume 2)

Customer satisfaction begins with strict quality control.

(From 2006, Volume 1)

Our guaranteed solution for your complete satisfaction!

(From 2005, Volume 2)

Our nationwide distribution network has grown to serve you better!

(From 2005, Volume 1)

We've blown the whistle on high-priced packaging!

(From 2004, Volume 2)

Customer service that gives you the winning edge!

(From 2004, Volume 1)

Test Sample Program - You'll Get it Fast and You'll Get it Free.

(From 2003, Volume 2)

Service is our Number One Priority!

(From 2003, Volume 1)

Thank you for 65 Great Years!

(From 2002, Volume 2)

We've Lowered Prices Up to 40% on Our Own Brand Zipper Bags!

(From 2001, Volume 2)

Our Selection of Quality, Low-Priced Packaging Keeps Getting Better!

(From 2000, Volume 3)

No Handling Fees at Associated Bag!

(From 2000, Volume 2)

We Hold Price Quotes for Six Months!

(From 1999, Volume 3)