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Don't Be Fooled by Packaging Myths!

Peanuts are always the best choice
While packing peanuts often do a very good job of protecting the contents of a package, they are not always the best choice. Small items packed in peanuts can easily shift in transit, exposing them to possible damage. Air-filled poly pillows can often provide better protection for certain items, are lighter than peanuts, and can help reduce shipping costs. Bubble packaging provides excellent protection without the potential messiness of peanuts. And Instapak Quick® foam-filled bags are a great cushioning option for irregular or one-of-a-kind items.

You can put up to 200 lbs. in a 200 lb. test corrugated box
No, you cannot put up to 200 lbs. in a 200 lb. test corrugated box. The test ratings on cardboard boxes are an important way to help you determine how the corrugated product will perform under tough conditions. The test rating, known as the Burst Test or the Mullen Test, is the force of pounds per square inch that would be required to rupture or burst the box and shows its ability to withstand force from rough handling or during the shipping process. For example, a box with a 200 lb. test rating can withstand 200 lbs. of pressure per square inch.

The ECT, or Edge Crush Test, is another rating that is often listed with the test rating. The ECT measures stacking strength and is measured by the amount of force that is required to crush the box by standing it on its edge. This test is measured in pounds per square inch. For example, a box with a 32 lb. ECT rating can withstand a force of 32 lbs. per square inch before crushing.

Damaged shipments mean the packaging has failed
Even though ample packaging may be used to protect a shipment, items can sometimes be damaged through rough handling. To alert others of any special handling needs, be sure to use Associated Bag's attention-getting shipping and handling labels. And adding our Shockwatch® and Tiltwatch® indicator labels to your packages can help determine if any improper handling has occurred in transit.

All zipper bags are watertight
While this may be true of some supermarket brands, most industrial and commercial zipper bags are, in fact, not approved for use with liquids. There are several types of zipper bags, however, that are specially made to hold liquids. Bitran® leakproof zipper bags come in both a standard and a document pouch style. Be sure to ask for them when your application requires a watertight closure.

If you are unsure of the best way to protect your items, please give our packaging experts a call
at 800-926-6100, or email: [email protected]. They're ready to help you make the right choices.