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Tape Characteristics - Pressure Sensitive vs. Water Activated

Pressure Sensitive Tape, commonly known as poly tape, provides a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to seal corrugated cartons. It can be applied without a dispenser, and is ideal for sealing lightweight package goods that do not put stress on the box during shipping. The transparent nature of most pressure sensitive tapes allows it to be applied over pre-printed cartons and shipping labels without obscuring any important information. And because pressure sensitive tape does not form a permanent bond with the carton, it is preferred for storage applications where the contents of the carton will need to be accessed and re-taped.

Water Activated Tape or gummed tape, creates a strong, permanent bond when applied to a corrugated carton. Because it cannot be removed without visibly marking the box, it also creates a very secure, tamper-evident package. By bonding to the carton, water activated tape actually strengthens the container, making it ideal for heavier items that may stress the carton during shipment. This bonding also means only one layer of tape is needed to seal the carton, resulting in less tape being used. Any carton that will experience extremes in temperature, humidity, or UV exposure will benefit from the seal durability of water activated tape. Dispensers for water activated tape can quickly output individual sections of tape at preset sizes, making it an ideal choice for industrial or high-volume applications. This consistency results in a uniform, attractive carton, suitable for display in a retail setting.

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