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I needed a specific kind of bag (6-mil black poly, ≥ 35 Gal capacity) immediately (for a lead-abatement job that was scheduled within days). My searches quickly taught me that what I needed is not a commonly available item due to the thickness and I couldn’t wait 2-5 weeks for shipping. My coworker caught-on to the scent of my growing frustration and immediately recommended Associated Bag, a local company that we have done business with for many years but which I had not heard of yet.

As soon as I called I was greeted by a friendly voice, Jen, who understood exactly what I needed and served me quickly and with more joy than any other vendor I have ever placed a phone order with before. (It makes for a great purchasing experience when you can hear the happiness in someone’s voice while they’re at work.) After placing my order, Jen also informed me of many other products available and even sent out a free product catalog (that arrived the next day!)

Hector Padin
Personnel Evaluation, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI
December 2017

My order arrived quickly and as promised. I wish I could order from Associated Bag more often because everyone I’ve ever worked with has been someone I’ve wanted to hug. Super nice and great service.

Jennifer Horton
Rochester, NY
November 2017

Associated Bag is amazing! Their knowledgeable customer service representatives know their product and their inventory and make valid promises as to when our order will be delivered. And it is that way every single time! We are thankful they are here for us!

Thomas and Pam Storm, Owners
Great Harvest Bread Co.
Annapolis, MD
November 2017

I have my own retail candle store and I have been a customer of Associated Bag for over a year now. Currently, I order my retail bags and tea light packaging bags from them. I work with many vendors and I can say, without a doubt, that Associated Bag has the best customer service of any of the vendors that I work with! From the first moment my sales representative, Ed Braun, walked in the door of my store, I knew that this company was going to be amazing to work with. The sales and customer service people at Associated Bag are always kind and courteous, quick to answer and address any concerns, questions or issues. Their products are of high quality and they always beat the price of my last vendor, which is amazing! I love how I always receive my order the next day, which is so important when you have a retail store. I am completely sold on Associated Bag and plan on being a customer for a long time to come!

Terri Stine, Owner
Fruits of the Spirit Candles, LLC
Waukesha, WI
October 2017

We have been a repeated customer of Associated Bag for 5+ years now and have yet to have a complaint of any kind. The customer service has continued to impress and satisfy our business needs. Not only do the products arrive to us the next day, but they also arrive in great condition. They have great quality products and the customer service is excellent as well! I always receive a follow up email making sure our items arrived in a timely manner and to our satisfaction. We do business with a lot of other vendors and to most, you are…just another customer, but not with Associated Bag. I feel like they make time to take the extra step to go above and beyond that. Thank you again for going above what is typically expected. I would highly recommend Associated Bag to others and plan to continue using them for our shipping needs.

Joselyn Hibberd, Administrative Assistant
Injection Service of Illinois
East Peoria, IL
August 2017

I have benefited from the excellent products and customer service provided by Associated Bag for over 10 years now. Associated Bag is hands-down the best vendor I have ever dealt with; they combine wonderfully old-fashioned personable service with what you might think a more modern speed of service, aided and abetted by their outstanding website. I am always amazed that my order arrives within 1 or 2 days, and always with a phone call in follow-through. The women I have dealt with at Associated Bag conjure up images of Midwestern moms who just want to make sure that Everything is Alright. When first starting my business Associated Bag was recommended to me by other farmers as having the best prices, and in over a decade since, having encountered other offers by other businesses, I can see why. Their prices are great to begin with, and they offer regular opportunities for significant discounts. I have never been moved to write a testimonial before, but I am just so grateful to this business for how much they help me run mine!

Megan Haney, Owner/Operator
Marble Valley Farm
Kent, CT
August 2017

Wanted to tell you that I deal with a lot of companies and I just felt the need to comment on how professional, well organized, prompt, and every other adjective that describes a great company I find Associated Bag to be. Thank you for your service to my business. I highly recommend Associated Bag everywhere I can.

Lance Bieber
The Ice Factory
Suffern, NY
July 2017

My online search for 10” x 10” x 24”, 2 mil gusseted poly bag/liners brought me to Associated Bag.

Rather than placing an online order I chose the telephone to place my first order. A kind woman who took my order answered my call right away. After my order was placed I was puzzled as to why my credit card number was not asked for. My order was going to be shipped on an open account with no credit check! Now this is the old fashioned way of doing business. I ultimately chose to pay for my order with a credit card only to free my mind.

My order arrived promptly in a couple of business days. A follow-up email was sent to see if I was pleased with my experience. I am pleased with my first time with Associated Bag. It is nice to know there are alternative choices when it comes to packaging supplies.

Eric Holt, Owner
Aces In Bases.com
Chinchilla, PA
July 2017

We have been using Associated Bag for years and they have never let us down! They provide fast shipping, an incredible selection and variety of supplies, and great customer service! Great prices and discounts on volume purchases save us a tremendous amount of money each year – would highly recommend for shipping/distribution needs!

Preston Smith
Warehouse Distribution and Shipping Manager
Apex, NC
May 2017

I have been a customer of Associated Bag for about 15 years, purchasing several different types of items for my employers. I am a retired Detective Sergeant of the Crime Scene Unit for the Binghamton Police Dept. and currently work as an evidence technician for the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and the Johnson City Police Dept. I have always received outstanding products and awesome customer service. I have and will continue to recommend Associated Bag to others due to the quality of products and reasonable pricing.

M. Stebbins, Evidence Technician
Broome County Sheriff's Office, Johnson City Police
Johnson City, NY
March 2017

I have dealt with Associated Bag only a few times, but I can truly say they are the best company I have dealt with. What you can expect from Associated bag: a very helpful and extremely courteous staff (of which you will NOT have a problem understanding), a company that will ship your order in a blink of an eye, a company that will follow up on your order to ensure you got it and that you are happy with it. In today’s world, a company like Associated Bag stands out from 99% of the “other” companies operating from a website. I will never use any other company. Thank YOU Associated Bag for being such an exemplary company – one that truly cares about their customers.

Clifford Williams
eBay Retailer
Radcliff, KY
February 2017

The free samples provided came within days and were most helpful to us in selecting exactly the right product to fit our needs. They were hand labeled individually so once we selected the right product we knew exactly which to order.

We placed our order online easily the next day and we had our product so fast our heads spun! 1 day ship/receive! Awesome. And the price was competitive with any other out there.

We then received a follow-up email making sure everything was to our satisfaction – a rarity in today’s world. Everything in the process was a hallmark of great customer service! Thank you!

Bryan Tilburt, Controller
Acrofab, Inc.
Zeeland, MI
January 2017

The vinyl envelopes arrived just two days after I had ordered them, and at first I thought I had ordered the wrong envelopes! They were so new and fresh looking compared to the ones used in the kitchen currently. Our kitchen uses these envelopes to put the individual ward tickets in for the patient meals. This was my first time ordering from Associated Bag after taking over from my predecessor just a few months ago. I know I can rely on this company in future orders. Not all companies like to work with the Government.

Thank you for the promptness of the delivery, and the quality of the product.

Kristi Santiago, Budget Technician
Central Texas Veterans Health Care System (CTVHS)
Temple, TX
January 2017

I was ordering shrink bands and ordered the wrong size, which was my error. But everyone I spoke with either over voicemail or through email was extremely helpful and on top of it! Customer Service is a thing of the past in a lot of cases, but not with Associated Bag. You could tell that customer service is one of their top priorities, and they definitely exceeded my expectations!

Sadie Salazar, Co-Owner
Beard Care Club
Herriman, UT
January 2017