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We’ve been a customer of Associated Bag for so long I can’t remember buying from anyone else. From the samples they will send to determine what truly fits your needs to the delivery service these folks are outstanding to deal with, customer service second to none! Orders always get here the next day, I realize we are about 80 miles apart and it might take longer to get to someplace in central Iowa but this company is just amazing in so many ways.

Bob Slusarek, Quality Manager
Dana Molded Companies
Carpentersville, IL
December 2016

Hello, my name is David and I would like to share with you that last Monday, November 14, 2016, at approximately 2:30 pm west coast time I placed an order online from Associated Bag. I was not in a hurry to receive my order so simply chose the “Slow Train from Siberia” method of delivery and went on with my day. To my surprise the doorbell rings the very next morning (November 15, 2016) at approximately 10:15 am and the order I had just placed with Associated Bag the previous afternoon was on my doorstep! Now that is what I call great service!

David Engelhorn, Founder
Be Forever Home, Inc.
Vista, CA
November 2016

We’ve been using Associated Bag since 2014 and are very happy with the quality of the products and service. We are archaeologists who rely on strong quality bags to store and document our recovered artifacts in. The bags are easy to write on with markers and it doesn’t rub off during the transporting of them and the multiple hands they flow through. We’ve received them the next day after every order.

Lee Thomas, Project Manager
Prentice Thomas & Associates, Inc.
Mary Esther, FL
October 2016

I have used Associated Bag for several years both ordering on the internet and over the phone. We use printed bags of several sizes and have to phone in the order. I have never experienced a more courteous and knowledgeable customer service group than those at Associated Bag. We have never had a wrong product or delayed shipment. In fact, the last time we purchased the bags we were out of one size. Our representative said they could be rushed for a small fee. Our two week lead time was a little over a week. They do indeed make you feel like you are their only customer. I would highly recommend them for all of your packaging needs. I have to mention that they have the cutest covers on their catalogs. The little “bag guy” is adorable.

Karen Proctor, Purchasing
Wolf Machine/Best & Donovan
Cincinnati, OH
September 2016

We have used Associated Bag for a few years now and are very satisfied with their products and customer service. My orders always arrive quickly and Associated Bag reaches out promptly to ensure everything is up to my expectations. Thank you all for making my job easy. You won’t regret using Associated Bag!

Olivia Harris, Brand & Business Development Manager
Knoxville, TN
September 2016

We produced a custom coffee mug in a custom made box and really had no efficient way to “transport” the box…we tried different types of bags, but it just didn’t look good. So we shrink wrapped the box and added adhesive handles that we purchased from Associated Bag and they look fantastic! It was great to get them so quickly and the price was the best one out there. They were PERFECT for what we needed!

Mary Loconsole
Cicero, IL
August 2016

The customer service at Associated Bag is one of the best I have experienced while purchasing. I had not been doing this for very long and needed help getting things set up to purchase from their website as the previous buyer only used fax. It was my first experience with Associated Bag and they were terrific. I called them several times that day and each time spoke to a different person. Each person treated me kindly, with respect and was very helpful in answering each and every question I had. They set us up to start purchasing from their website, made sure everything was operating properly and sent me out a catalog all in the same day. Plus our order shipped the same day as ordering! They made sure I had everything I needed and more. Customer service is very important and people want to experience great customer service when they need help or have a problem. They are the face of the company and typically the first line of contact and this is the kind of customer service people want to experience. Thank you!

Amber M., Purchasing Agent
American Producers Supply Co, Inc.
Marietta, OH
August 2016

I selected Associated Bag from the internet as a packaging supplier for my manufactured parts. I was pleased to hear a real person’s voice, as I wasn’t quite sure what was available. The customer service rep was helpful in suggesting the proper size and material thickness, very polite and easy to talk to. Their return policy is the best. They worked with me to make my error workable in my favor. Associated Bag is simply the best packaging supplier that I have ever ordered products from. As the need arises I will definitely order again from Associated Bag. Thank you for your friendly service and fast shipping.

Jim Glockzin
JLG Enterprise LLC
Holland, MI
August 2016

Although I am likely a small account, I always feel like I am the ONLY account that Associated Bag services. Their website is easy to use and my order is always received in a timely manner. When ordering my supplies, I never look to other companies because I know I will find what I need with Associated Bag. Their customer service is top-notch and I highly recommend them to anyone needing company supplies.

Julie Gallups, CUEA Office Manager
Capistrano Unified Education Association
Aliso Viejo, CA
August 2016

I am the lucky individual who is responsible for placing our department’s purchase orders with hundreds of different vendors. Not everyone is a real joy to deal with. I have dealt with the “not so great customer service experience” to the “I wish every vendor could be just like them”. Associated Bag is that vendor “I wish all vendors could be just like them”. In the many years I have been ordering products from Associated Bag, I have always been amazed at the fantastic customer service I have received. I cannot recall one time where the service was lacking or that I was ever disappointed. The staff is incredibly friendly, courteous and always willing to go the extra mile to assure everything is perfect. You can expect a response almost immediately for any product questions or order concerns you may have. You are treated as if you are their only customer. It’s a really great feeling that you rarely get when dealing with most vendors.

However, the exceptional customer service isn’t the only department that makes Associated Bag a great company to work with. The shipping department is also worthy of a gold star for their service. Most orders are delivered within two days of placing your order, very often it’s the following day. However, the customer care doesn’t end once your order is received. Shortly after delivery, a customer service representative will contact you to make sure everything meets your expectations, was received as ordered and in good condition. They really do take customer service to another level!

Associated Bag with its stellar customer service continues to make for a real joy when conducting business with them.

Paul Mazur, Assistant Laboratory Director
Erie County Central Police Services Forensic Laboratory
Buffalo, NY
August 2016

We got the order and it is exactly what we wanted. The customer service has been outstanding, from an initial phone call to clarify our company contact to post order follow up. It is really appreciated!

Bill Bellingham, Manufacturing Engineer
Crenlo Cab Products, Inc / IES, LLC
Rochester, MN
July 2016

I have been dealing with Associated Bag for quite a few years now and have always had first class service. This is surprising to me because I am a retired guy who uses their products to ship to various people all over the world. The remarkable thing is that my volume is very low. I only order once every year and maybe not even that often, but I am always treated like a high volume customer. Shipment is usually immediate and if there is a support related question it is answered in a timely manner. What else could anyone want?

Thanks Associated Bag for this Premier Service.

Ernie Mills
Sun City West, AZ
June 2016

I’ve been working with Associated Bag for many years, both as a former distributor with American Solutions for Business and now as an end-user of your products. The customer service department is quick to address and resolve any issues with a smile and the shipping is always expedited and on time. Team that up with your vast product selection and easy online ordering, it makes Associated Bag #1 in our eyes!

James Bisbee, President
Monona Community Festival
Monona, WI
June 2016

We are a contract manufacturing company and meeting our customer commitments is critical. We found ourselves without a custom bag needed for shipping. After some research, we came across an item that could possibly work at Associated Bag. I phoned in to verify the bag was in stock. Just let me say, I changed the ship method three times the same day. Customer service was amazing in their response to my requests and went the extra mile before shipping to contact me and verify the final ship method. We received the bags the very next morning.

Customer satisfaction is a priority with Associated Bag. Thank You!

Kathryn McGill, Purchasing Lead
Plexus Services Corp.
Buffalo Grove, IL
May 2016

This company makes life so easy. I order from many vendors, but Associated Bag is by far the easiest company to do business with. They send out mailers and catalogs (not that frequently) that include all your customer information and list all of the items that you have ordered recently. I wish every company did this. It makes my life so much easier when I don't have to go look up an account number and figure out what the catalog number is for the items I need. The associates are always very kind and helpful when you call to order. All of the items arrive quickly and in good condition and I have only had wonderful experiences with all my orders.

Miranda Anderson, Senior Research Specialist
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ
May 2016

We received our order the next morning around 10:45! That’s amazing since I placed the order around 4:00pm! The items are perfect for our shipping needs and our parts department said it was better than they expected AND your prices were exceptional. We will definitely be ordering from you again.

Thanks so much for the phone and email follow up – I don’t think I have ever received such great customer service.

Jill J. Graham, CFO
Paul Graham Drilling
Rio Vista, CA
May 2016

The mesh bags were perfect. It’s hard to find that size bag, but now we have more than enough. That bag is as good as the bags your competitors have, but with the added bonus that it has a wider mouth. We have to pour plastic bags filled with bare root strawberry plants into your mesh bags and the wider mouth makes it so much easier. We’re not allowed to pick up plants that fall to the ground, and your bags ensure that’s even more of a rarity.

The other bags we ordered are perfect for the breeding nursery since we often have plastic bags full of less than 100 plants or exactly 100 plants, which fit like a glove in these bags. Plus your service and shipping methods are something to rave about.

Thank you again. I’ll be sure to order again when the time comes.

Oliver Hernandez, Field Technician
Blueberry & Strawberry Breeding Nursery, Driscoll Strawberry Associates, Inc.
Red Bluff, CA
May 2016

We were on a time crunch and we desperately needed some anti-static-foam-lined boxes promptly. These aren’t something that can just be pulled off the shelves at local vendors; this coupled with the fact that we needed a relatively large quantity made our order somewhat custom. I spent a significant amount of time researching our options. Turns out, it came down to two options we had our minds set on (where Associated Bag’s product was one of them). The other option we had came close to what we wanted/needed and their product was a little less expensive. However, they had a steep standard shipping charge which would’ve made the overall cost more expensive and on top of that, we wouldn’t have received their product very quickly. With that, we decided to order from Associated Bag. Since the sooner we could get the order the better off we’d be, I’m very glad we chose Associated Bag’s product. Despite the fact I didn’t realize at the time of purchase that part of our order was backordered, I was relieved to get our entire order in a very timely matter and at a great overall price. Our product fits in these boxes perfectly and we’ll be ordering more from Associated Bag in the future.

Jared Berrett
Select Engineering Services (SES)
Layton, UT
April 2016

We are a manufacturer of vinyl alphanumerics. Our production is on demand and needs quick turnaround. We depend on suppliers that can deliver when I need them to deliver. This is my BEST vendor! Associated Bag meets all of our criteria. I wish all of my vendors were as reliable as Associated Bag.

John Boucher
Bernard Engraving
Bridgeport, CT
February 2016

As a 40+ year corporate veteran, I have become accustomed to ever-increasing complacent, mediocre service from vendors, suppliers and most companies with whom I interact. Disinterest, bordering on rudeness, is the new norm. Then I have the need for a product from Associated Bag and the memory of the customer-first service of yesteryear floods back!

From the persons at the 800 number taking the order (and often identifying an item to fill a new and unique need) - to the representatives quickly offering to send samples - to the personnel at the Dallas customer pickup center - everyone at Associated Bag provides swift, streamlined and superb service. What is even more remarkable to me personally is the fact that each does this with a sense of genuine friendliness and joy!

Kudos and sincere thanks to all at Associated Bag! Interacting with them is truly reminiscent of the long-forgotten “good old days” when the customer was, indeed, #1!

Sharon Welling Gilbert, Director
Dallas Depot, Inc.
Dallas, TX
January 2016