We were on a time crunch and we desperately needed some anti-static-foam-lined boxes promptly. These aren’t something that can just be pulled off the shelves at local vendors; this coupled with the fact that we needed a relatively large quantity made our order somewhat custom. I spent a significant amount of time researching our options. Turns out, it came down to two options we had our minds set on (where Associated Bag’s product was one of them). The other option we had came close to what we wanted/needed and their product was a little less expensive. However, they had a steep standard shipping charge which would’ve made the overall cost more expensive and on top of that, we wouldn’t have received their product very quickly. With that, we decided to order from Associated Bag. Since the sooner we could get the order the better off we’d be, I’m very glad we chose Associated Bag’s product. Despite the fact I didn’t realize at the time of purchase that part of our order was backordered, I was relieved to get our entire order in a very timely matter and at a great overall price. Our product fits in these boxes perfectly and we’ll be ordering more from Associated Bag in the future.

Jared Berrett
Select Engineering Services (SES)
Layton, UT
April 2016

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